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News from Bridging Communities

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News from Bridging Communities

During this last year Bridging Communities has been considering it's future by applying for further funding to enable us to continue our work here in the regeneration area of Poole. During the year we have heard the funding required to continue to pay our Church Related Community Worker has been secured, however other funding is and will continue to be needed to enable things like Fun4Kids Spots to continue. This is the same for most Faith, voluntary and community sector groups, but more so with all the doom and gloom we see in our media. However for us as a Faith based group, even though we are aware of the difficulties, this also feels are hopeful and exciting time.

As most of you are aware we are here to support the development of community groups and the community voice across the regeneration area.

Reviewing our work whilst applying for our extension we realise that two new Resident's Associations have formed with our support. Both these groups are extremely active and holding those around them to account.

Since its launch in July our Living Histories Exhibition has been extremely well received and travelled across the area. It has been on display in Churches, sheltered housing schemes, public meetings, libraries, and constantly in use now until January. This exhibition helps all sorts of people across the regeneration area to share their stories of living in Old Town and Hamworthy. This is one of our ways of supporting the community voice, if you would like to host this exhibition please book through Katie Gardiner at the Museum on 01202 262607 or

We continue to arrange four Fun4Kids Spots each year. These are family friendly fundays held across the regeneration area with our next one being held at Hamworthy Community Library on the 23rd of February 2011 between1.1.00am - 3.00pm. This will have a theme related to the Twin Sails Bridge and our communities so lease feel free to come along and join us, if you want to know more contact Alison Dalton on 0790811-121.

This year we have also bee hosting Community get togethers on Harbour Reach after the terrible experience they had with their gas supply last year. People have come together to chat, have fun and food whilst finding out about what opportunities are available within their communities.

If you encounter any of our work and would like to tell us what you think please don't hesitate to contact us either through the feedback material we always have available or by contacting us direct on