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NHS 'to undergo radical overhaul'

NHS 'to undergo radical overhaul'

12 July 2010

Source: BBC

The NHS in England is to undergo a major restructuring in one of the biggest shake-ups in its history, the government has announced.

Hospitals are to be moved out of the NHS to create a "vibrant" industry of social enterprises under the proposals.

And, as expected, GPs are to take charge of much of the budget.

The move will lead to the abolition of all 10 strategic health authorities and the 152 management bodies known as primary care trusts.

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  • GPs - Asked to get together in groups to take on responsibility for spending much of the NHS budget
  • Hospitals - Encouraged to move outside the NHS to become "vibrant" industry of social enterprises
  • Patients - More information and choice, including ability to register with any GP they want to
  • Managers - Strategic health authorities and primary care trusts face the axe
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